Schistosoma IgG ELISA

The Schistosoma IgG ELISA is for the qualitative determination of serum or plasma antibodies in humans, primarily IgG, to Schistosoma spp. using the ELISA technique.

During the first incubation, the antibodies in the patients’ serum bind to the antigens in the test well.  The next incubation allows the enzyme complex to bind to the antigen – antibody complex.  After a few washings to remove unbound enzymes, a substrate is added that develops a blue color in the presence of the enzyme complex and peroxide. The stop solution ends the reaction, turning the blue assay color to yellow.


Cat. nr:

Number of tests: 96 Wells

Range: Qualitative

Incubation Time(s): 10 / 10 / 5 min

More information

Bio-Type  Serum/Plasma

Method  ELISA


Sample Volume 10 µL

Storage Conditions 2°C – 8°C


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