Pan Lung Cancer PCR Panel

Detection of 167 hotspot variants in EGFR / ALK / ROS1 / KRAS / BRAF / HER2 / RET / MET / NTRK1 / NTRK2 / NTRK3 genes.
Patients with NSCLC often harbor driver mutations in multiple oncogenes. The presence of gene alterations can impact the selection of and the response to targeted therapies. Testing of lung cancer for multi-gene mutations is important for identification of potentially efficacious targeted therapies. Therefore, identifying mutations in oncogenes and tailoring therapy accordingly are widely accepted in clinical cancer management. Faster detection of driver mutations enables quicker initiation of proper therapy.

The Pan Lung Cancer Panel is qualitative detection of 167 hotspot alterations in EGFRALKROS1KRASBRAFHER2RETMETNTRK1NTRK2 and NTRK3 genes in NSCLC at a time from a single tissue specimen.

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Number of tests: 8

Name: Pan Lung Cancer Panel

Sample type: Fresh tissue, FFPE tissue

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