MagCore® triXact RNA kit

MagCore® triXact RNA kit is specially designed to extract total RNA (including genomic, mitochondrial, and viral RNA) from the three most common sample types in diagnostics, research, and forensics: up to 1 x 106 cultured cells, a variety of tissues, or whole blood samples. Our program provides optional DNase I treatment to remove residual DNA and extract high quality DNA-free RNA. Make use of its outstanding performance, efficiency, plus easy-to-follow protocols to simplify your every day extraction!


Code 631 MagCore® triXact RNA kit


1. Excellent RNA Yield and Purity shown in both A260/A280 ratio and RIN value
2. Highly efficienct and user-friendly protocol with minimal pretreatment required
3. Capable of isolating RNA from 3 types of samples: Cells, Whole blood, Tissues
4. Optional DNase I treatment to remove residual DNA


MagCore® automated extraction systems allow processing multiple sample types in the same run, including:

  1. Whole Blood: Fresh or frozen whole blood
  2. Cultured Cells: Cell suspension or Cells grown in a monolayer
  3. Tissues: Fresh or frozen human and animal tissues

Purified DNA available for direct usage in downstream applications, such as:

  1. RT-PCR and real-time quantitative PCR
  2. Northern Blot
  3. cDNA synthesis
  4. Genotyping


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