MagCore® Genomic DNA Plant Kit

MagCore® Genomic DNA Plant Kit is designed to extract genomic DNA from plant tissues via MagCore® automated extraction instrument. Our filter column set is able to filter hard tissue samples to prevent any obstruction during pipetting. Our patented magnetic beads will bind to DNA fragments with high affinity. This highly specific binding technology will ensure that all important genetic information is collected efficiently. Purified DNA is applicable for downstream sequencing, species identification, and analysis for diagnostic and research use.


Code 301 MagCore® Genomic DNA Plant Kit


  1. Consistent and reproducible results.
  2. Cartridges are pre-filled and sealed to prevent contamination
  3. Minimal manual pipetting, complete automatic procedure from cell lysis to elution


MagCore® automated extraction systems allow processing multiple sample types in the same run, including:

  1. Plant Tissue
  2. Fungal Tissue

Purified DNA available for direct usage in downstream applications, such as:

  1. PCR and real-time quantitative PCR
  2. Southern Blot
  3. Next Generation Sequencing
  4. Genotyping


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