MagCore® Genomic DNA Whole Blood Kits

MagCore® Genomic DNA Whole Blood Kits are designed for extracting total DNA (including genomic, mitochondrial, and viral DNA), from samples containing whole blood, plasma, serum and buffy coat. With built-in programs for all extraction kits, run your blood DNA extraction on all MagCore® instruments by simply a few clicks. Purified DNA of approximately 20-30 kb is suitable for PCR or other downstream applications.


Code 101 MagCore® Genomic DNA Whole Blood Kit (Speedy Installation)

Code 102 MagCore® Genomic DNA Whole Blood Kit

Code 104 MagCore® Genomic DNA Large Volume Whole Blood Kit

Code 106 MagCore® Genomic DNA Whole Blood Kit (For Genotyping)


  1. Consistent and reproducible results.
  2. Cartridges are pre-filled and sealed to prevent contamination
  3. Minimal manual pipetting, complete automatic procedure from cell lysis to elution


MagCore® automated extraction systems allow processing multiple sample types in the same run, including:

  1. Fresh and frozen whole blood
  2. Buffy coat
  3. Body fluids

Purified DNA available for direct usage in downstream applications, such as:

  1. PCR and real-time quantitative PCR
  2. Southern Blot
  3. Next Generation Sequencing
  4. Genotyping


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