Coeliac 3.0

The Coeliac 3.0 RT PCR kit is intended for the genotypization of:

  • HLA-DQ2.5 (DQA1*05/DQB1*02)
  • HLA-DQ2.2 (DQA1*02/DQB1*02)
  • DQ8 (DQA1*0301/DQB1*0302

This diagnostic kit is based on RealTime PCR method. In this kits primers and labeled probes (FAM and JOE) for the detection of alleles and for the detection of internal control are used.

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Cat. nr: 351390071

Number of tests: 50

Name: Coeliac 3.0 RT

Sample material: Swabs or Blood

Compatible instruments

The following list represents instruments on which the above mentioned kits were tested. Please contact us for compatibility with other instruments.

  • ABI 7000, 7300, 7500FAST (Applied Biosystems)
  • MyGo Pro® (IT-IS Life Science)
  • LightCycler® 480, LightCycler® Nano (Roche)
  • RotorGene 6000 or Q (Qiagen)


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