MagCore® SUPER DNA / RNA Extraction Instrument

MagCore® Super is our most advanced and efficient automated workstation for nucleic acid extraction. It is the first platform to combine our automated extractor and spectrophotometer for immediate measurements of product purity and yield. Rapid isolation of nucleic acid with precision is achieved through RBC patented magnetic-bead technology. Adaptable to variability, MagCore® Super enables automated isolation of DNA/RNA from diverse sample sources: Blood, Plasma, Body fluids, Cells, Tissue, Plants, Bacteria, and Viruses. Simple and effortless; with LIMS and built-in programs for every type of extraction, MagCore® Super will satisfy your needs for the ultimate walkaway automation.



  • Flexible choice of samples, sample/elution volume
  • Built-in programs for all extraction kits: Blood, Cell-free DNA, Cells, Tissue, FFPE Tissue, Plants, Bacteria, Viruses, and Forensics
  • UV sterilization to elimate possible cross-contamination
  • Direct A260/A280 and A320 measurement requiring no manual pipetting
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Plug & Play: Barcode scanner, USB data output and Thermal printer
  • Purified DNA/RNA can be applied directly to PCR, microarrays, NGS, and more


Content Details
Power Supply Voltage: AC 100-240V; Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Consumption >1.5 kVa
Pipetting Unit X-, Y- and V-axis movements for pipetting
UV light Power 8W, life duration 10,000 hours
Heating Block Room Temperature-90oC
Weight 76.5kg/168.68lbs
Dimensions W76 x D71 x H77 cm; W27.95 x D29.92 x H30.31 inches
OD Detection light Source Deuterium Lamp, life duration 800 hours
Detection wavelength 260nm, 280nm, 320nm
OD Detection Range ABS < 6
Operating Parameters Details
Capacity 1-16 samples
Processing Time 30-90 minutes
Sample Volume 200μl/400μl/1.2ml/3ml/4ml
Elution Volume 30/60/100/150/200 μl

Extraction Principle

Unlike the traditional method of purifying nucleic acid, the patented magnetic beads allow specific binding to DNA/RNA with minimal cross-contamination and no clogging concerns. To live out the idea of walkaway automation, we are always optimizing our program and protocol to allow users to apply specimens directly onto our systems with minimal pretreatment.

MagCore Kits Selection Guide

In the link below you will find the MagCore Selection Guide. In this guide you can find all available MagCore® Nucleic Acid Extraction kits.

MagCore Selection Guide


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