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PCR-Reaction supporting prod.

Enzymes for improvement of PCR-Reaction

410280200  gDNA-Remover (incl. 10 x buffer) (dsDNase)                                             50 tests
                  Cleaning Samples -The gDNA removal kit is designed for removal of contaminating gDNA
                  from RNA prior to reverse transcription.Transcription can be performed in the
                  same tube, thereby minimizing pipetting steps and reducing hands-on-time.
                  inactivation 55°C
410280400  PCR Decontamination Kit (dsDNase)                                                          100 tests
                  Cleaning mastermix- by removes contaminating ds DNA, leaving primers and probes intact.
                  inactivation 65°C
410270800 HL-dsDNase                                                                                                       125µl
                 HL-dsDNase is especially developed to remove
                 contaminating genomic DNA from RNA preps.
                 Removes genomic DNA with no significant effect on RNA.
                 Little or no activity towards ss DNA and RNA.
                 inactivation 55°C

410270500 Cod UNG - heat lible & irriversible                                                                    100µl
                 A widely used pre-PCR decontamination procedure relies on incorperating dUTP
                 into all PCR reactions, tagging PCR products for destructing by Uracil-DNA-N-
                 Glycosylase (UNG). Adding UNG to the next PCR reaction will destruct
                 contaminating PCR products, while leaving template DNA intact.
                 Cod UNG is the only UNG that is completely and irreversibly heat-inactivated
                 and hence ideal for RT-PCR.

410270700 rSAP (heat-labile Alkaline phosphatase)                                                        1000µl
                 SAP provides hassle fre dephosphorylation of DNA, RNA, dNTPs and proteins,
                 Purification of PCR products before sequencing:
                 Enzymatic purification of a PCR product before sequencing
                 save your precious sample compared to column based
                 purification. Combine and incubate the PCR product with
                 rSAP and Exonuclease I to remove primers and nucleotides
                 in the PCR product. After a heat-inactivation, the PCR
                 product is ready as a template in the sequencing reaction
                 Excellent stability at ambient temperature.
4102YLY250 Lysozyme                                                                                                      250mg
                   Nucleic Acid Extraction, Detection of BSE forming proteins which are uniquely
                   resistant to proteolytic cleavage, Analysis of membrane structure.
411134-50 Reverta-L (Reverse transcription including RT-G-mix-1) for making cDNA             50 tests
411134-100 Reverta-L (Reverse transcription including RT-G-mix-1) for making cDNA         100 tests

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