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PCR Pyroseq for SNP detection

  Cardiovascular diseases  
351401004 Arterial hypertension («AH») profile    55 tests
  ARDB2   rs1042713  
  AGT       rs4762  
  AGT       rs699  
  AGTR1   rs5186  
  NOS3     rs1799983  
351401018 Ischemic heart disease profile    55 tests
  AMPD1   rs17602729  
  CDKN2A/2B    rs1333049  
  HIF1A    rs11549465  
  MMP3    rs3025058  
  APOE    rs429358  
  APOE    rs7412  
  Lipid metabolism  
351401019 Lipid metabolism, basic profile   55 tests
  APOE    rs429358     
  APOE    rs7412  
  APOB    rs5742904  
  APOB    rs754523  
  PCSK9    rs11206510  
  Pathology of blood coagulation system  
351401013 Lipid metabolism, supplementary profile    55 tests
  ABCA1    rs2230806     
  APOC3    rs2854116  
  APOC3    rs2854117  
  APOC3    rs5128  
  LPL    rs268  
  LPL    rs328  
  PON1    rs854560  
  PON1    rs662  
351401001 Plasma factors of blood coagulation system     55 tests
  F2    rs1799963  
  F5    rs6025  
  F7    rs6046  
  FGB    rs1800790  
  SERPINE1    rs1799768  
351401002 Folate cycle     55 tests
  MTHFR    rs1801133  
  MTHFR    rs1801131  
  MTR    rs1805087  
  MTRR    rs1801394  
  SLC19A1    rs1051266  
351401003 Agregation factors of blood coagulation system    55 tests
  GP1BA    rs2243093  
  GP1BA    rs6065  
  ITGB3    rs5918  
  JAK2    rs77375493  
  SELPLG    rs2228315  
351401025 Vascular factors    55 tests
  VEGFA    rs3025039  
  VEGFA    rs2010963  
  VEGFA    rs1570360  
  NOS3    rs2070744  
  NOS3    rs1799983  
  Breast/ovarian cancer  
351401005 Breast/ovarian cancer    55 tests
  BRCA1    185delAG  
  BRCA1    300T>G (C61G)  
  BRCA1    2080delA  
  BRCA1    4153delA  
  BRCA1    5382insC  
  BRCA2    6174delT  
  Diabetes mellitus 2 type (DM2) – basic profile  
  Osteoporosis (OST)  
351401008 Osteoporosis    55 tests
  COL1A1    rs1800012  
  ESR1    rs2234693  
  ESR1    rs9340799  
  LCT    rs4988235  
  LRP5    rs3736228  
  VDR    rs1544410  
  Diabetes mellitus 1 type (DM1)  
351401009 Diabetes mellitus 1 type    55 tests
  C12ORF30    rs17696736  
  CLEC16A    rs12708716  
  rs2544677    rs2544677  
  INS    rs689  
  PTPN22    rs2476601  
351401015 Diabetes mellitus 2 type, basic profile   55 tests
  KCNJ11    rs5219  
  PPARG    rs1801282  
  TCF7L2    rs7903146  
  TCF7L2    rs12255372  
  Diabetes mellitus 2 type (DM2) – supplementary profile
351401017 Diabetes mellitus 2 type (DM2) – supplementary profile    55 tests
  CDKAL1    rs7756992  
  CDKN2A/2B    rs10811661  
  HHEX    rs1111875  
  IGF2BP2    rs4402960  
  SLC30A8    rs13266634  
  Obesity (9. OB)  
351401006 Obesity    55 tests
  FTO    rs9939609  
  PPARD    rs6902123  
  PPARGC1A    rs8192678  
  PPARGC1B    rs7732671  
  Crohn's disease (CD)  
351401007 Crohn’s disease    55 tests
  NOD2    rs2066844  
  NOD2    rs2066845  
  NKX2-3    rs10883365  
  PTPN2    rs2542151  
351401010 I phase of biotransformation, profile 1    55 tests
  CYP1A1    rs1048943  
  CYP1A1    rs1799814                               
  CYP1A1    rs4646903  
  CYP1A2    rs762551  
  CYP3A4    rs2740574  
  CYP2C9    rs1799853  
  CYP2C9    rs1057910  
351401024 I phase of biotransformation, profile 2    55 tests
  CYP2C19    rs4244285  
  CYP2C19    rs4986893  
  CYP2C19    rs12248560  
  CYP2D6    rs35742686  
  CYP2D6    rs3892097  
351401011 II phase of biotransformation, profile 1    55 tests
  NAT2    rs1041983  
  NAT2    rs1801280  
  NAT2    rs1799929  
  NAT2    rs1799930  
  NAT2    rs1208  
  NAT2    rs1799931  
351401012 II phase of biotransformation, profile 2    55 tests
  EPHX1    rs1051740  
  EPHX1    rs2234922  
  GSTP1    rs1695  
  GSTP1    rs1138272  
  TPMT    rs1800462  
  TPMT    rs1800460  
  TPMT    rs1142345  
351401014 Warfarin     55 tests
  VKORC1    rs9923231  
  CYP4F2    rs2108622  
  GGCX    rs11676382  
  CYP2C9    rs1799853  
  CYP2C9    rs1057910  
  CYP2C9    rs28371686  
  CYP2C9    rs9332131  
  Drug transport  
351401020 Drug transport   55 tests
  ABCB1    1236T>C  
  ABCB1    2677T>A, G  
  ABCB1    3435T>A, C  
  ABCG2    421C>A  
  ABCG2    376C>T  
  Gilbert's syndrome  
351401027 Gilbert's syndrome    55 tests
  UGT1A1    rs8175347  
  Immune system  
351401016 CCR5del32    55 tests
  CCR5    rs333  
351401026 IL28B   55 tests
  IL28B    rs8099917  
  IL28B    rs12979860  
PCR/Pyrosequencing kits for SNP detection (continued)  
  Sport genetics  
351401022 Muscle structure    55 tests
  ACTN3    rs1815739  
  MSTN    rs1805086  
  AGT    rs699  
  HIF1A    rs11549465  
351401023 Energy metabolism    55 tests
  PPARA    rs4253778  
  PPARD    rs2016520  
  PPARG    rs1801282  
  PPARGC1A    rs8192678  
  PPARGC1B    rs7732671  
  AMPD    rs17602729  
351401021 Imatinib    55 tests
  ULK3    rs2290573  
  KDR    rs1531289    
  KDR    rs1870377  
  VEGFA    rs699947  
  VEGFA    rs833061  
  VEGFA    rs3025039  
  VEGFA    rs2010963  

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